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  • Knockout:Refactor


You can watch this production over at Pluralsight.com. We're currently migrating all of our productions and should have them all rolled over by January 1, 2014.

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In this single-episode production we're joined by Ryan Niemeyer, a core maintainer on the KnockoutJS project, who is going to help us refactor the code for the Knockout Cart that we put together for a previous episode here at Tekpub. The cart works well for us - it powers our Gifts and Groups page - but it could be cleaned up a bit to be a bit more "idiomatic" in the Knockout way. If you work with Knockout, this production is a must-watch.



The Knockout Cart

Ryan and Rob dive into the knockout-cart code and refactor some of the "not-so-idiomatic" Knockout Code.


The code for this project is up at our Github repo