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Our commitment to your learning experience, as well as our high quality presentations, attracts industry experts from across the industry. Jon Skeet, Ayende Rahien, Scott Hanselman, and Dave Ward, among others.

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Recent Videos

The Making of

August 15, 2013

Avdi starts with an empty directory and, using various testing and web tools, deploys a working Cowsays application to Heroku.

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Full Throttle: Moving to Azure

August 02, 2013

  In this Full Throttle, Rob Conery records his move of to Azure - live and in process. Our site used to be hosted on Linode, but we decided we wanted to manage less and have the power of Azure behind our Rails 3 application.

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Change It Up!

June 27, 2013

In this video we talk to Rob Ashton about dropping everything and traveling the world as a journeyman programmer - trading travel expenses for code In addition we hear from Rob Sullivan who mustered the courage to drop his cushy job as a DBA (important to his team and VERY important to his company) - take a paycut and become a Rails developer Why did they do this? Because they needed a change. Do you need a change?

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Could This Take Any Longer?

October 14, 2013

This Node production is taking forever. I'm to blame and it's really that simple - the good news is I'm doing the final audio work and it should be ready to go by week's end.

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Bumping Yearlies, Monthlies, and 30-Day Subs by a Month

September 17, 2013

Two at Once That's what's happened inadvertently. I recorded about 6 hours of live video for the .NET Build production and Editor Scotty is hard at work on it, doing his thing. This takes a while (and I don't push... it's a magical process) so while he was doing that, I started recording the Node Build video, which I've just rounded out and finished. It's quite good if I do say so myself. What I'm faced with is putting post-production goodness on each one and that's a long process as well. I could "just ship it" but... that doesn't work so well with video. I can't send out patches for it :). And so once again I'm in the position of asking...

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We're No Longer Offering New Subscriptions

September 02, 2013

Making screencasts is extremely difficult and time-consuming, and it's very easy to burn out. The pressure to produce more frequently increases as more people subscribe, which on one hand is lovely because people are finding value in what you do. On the other hand, it's destructive - especially if you give in and lower your productions standards - just to become a content mill.

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