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Get Involved!

You can watch this production over at Pluralsight.com. We're currently migrating all of our productions and should have them all rolled over by January 1, 2014.

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Become a Social Developer

In this production, Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery offer suggestions and advice on how you can get out there, and get involved. Blogging, Twitter, Github, StackOverflow, User Groups and Conferences: all of this can make you a happier, more productive developer and inspire you to take your career to the next level.

You certainly don't have to be social to be better at writing code - but sharpening your skills this way helps you when it comes time for a job interview, a yearly review where a promotion is on the line, or when you want to start running an Open Source project.

Advice From The Pros

For this production we sought out the people who are very active and well known in the social arena:

  • Scott Hanselman and Jeff Atwood talk about blogging, writing, and "working your voice free" so people who read your posts hear you loud and clear.
  • Jon Skeet joins us to talk about what a Good Question is on StackOverflow - and also how you can gain reputation by providing Good Answers - and edits to Good Questions!
  • We venture out to the Portland Area DotNet Users Group (PADNUG) and meet a few developers who have just started going - as well as people who have been there for years.
  • While we were there, Scott gave a 10-minute lightning talk on Azure - a great way to get started speaking if you're not a fan of public speaking.

This production is almost 2 hours in length and is the most ambitious effort we've ever put in.


The Perfect Gift for Someone Who Needs a Change

Do you know a new developer, or one who's looking to change/upgrade their career? Buy them a copy of Get Involved! We'll send you a coupon which they can redeem here at our site.


Here's a preview of what you'll see. Just under 2 hours of what you expect from Tekpub: polished presentation with a load of valuable content:



The code for this project is up at our Github repo